Minutes of Core Group Meeting May 10, 2012

First Item of Discussion:
Meeting space- next meeting, Tuesday 15th will be in main hall of the Center Building. Craig is working on where we can meet on Thursday May 24.

Second Item of Discussion:
Discussion covered the point of postponing the mural so that youth could be more involved. All agreed that having the youth involved was important to the project. It was also pointed out that waiting would allow more time to apply for grants. Liz did not believe that the blowing of the soil would create a problem. There was a vote about postponing the mural and it passed.
Lyrics from Jimi Hendrix’ song Third Stone from the Sun have been painted on the windows of the art car. Liz and Nichole have requested electronically for permission to use it as a non-profit. They received a response with a phone number and are confident we will receive authorization. The lyrics of the first and third stanzas were read to the group and the vote to use the lyrics passed pending the ok on the copy right.

Third Item of Discussion:
Phi introduced the Project Manager Work Party Flow chart. Additions added were to give Laura time for ordering tools, materials, etc. PMs also need to let Craig know about time schedules. Stephanie will update construction sequence schedule on the web site when this information is received. Work Party flow Documents was accepted.

Fourth Item of Discussion:
Emergency Procedures:
Basic need that can be treated easily –contact Seattle Center 206-684-7272. They are available 24/7.
Level two-call 9ll. Then call Seattle Center Emergency services. Paramedics have the address of the garage. This should be added to orientation of PM work party flow #5.

Fifth Item of Discussion:
The sending out of a mass email to update information on volunteer list- Stephanie sent the draft to Marylyn for proofing. The group discussed the letter sent out by Sandy and felt we should wait for the response to the letter so as not duplicate work. Discussion of the letter brought up the question of how much the cost of irrigation would be as part of the questions on the letter asks if a person would be willing to pay for drip irrigation. Scott said in the discussion the irrigation committee has had, they felt the cost would be under $100.

Sixth Item of Discussion:
PM updates:
Core group- May 19th and 20th need volunteers to install filter fabric. More wood is needed and Laura is working on it. We are up to F and part of G which is about 1/3 of terraces.
Face Book: new person is doing this.
Events & Tours: May 12th- Tent and Tours
June 2nd- Soft Opening
Volunteer Hours: People are sending in duplicate hours. Hafoc requests that people only send in hours once. Email is a good way, it should include name, hours, what was done. This is important because at some point she will have to total the hours and they will be used to assign plots.
Terraces: work is going faster as learning curve has increased. More 14’, 2x4 are needed. Laura might be able to trade some. More bits are needed. More volunteers are needed. Need water. Paul Marth is the contact at Mercantile Market and he is donating bottled water. Laura says she has a water cooler we can use. Phi will supply us with cups.
Contractors should be done by Monday.

Irrigation: contractor to put in main line before the dirt goes in. The committee is looking for donation. Corrine is very pregnant, do we need a co-leader?
Tool Shed: windows are in. Waiting for contractor to leave, then will put the floor in. Wood is being donated. Scott has built temporary steps.
Compost Bins: no budget, they are working on getting people to donate bamboo.
Fund Raising: Sita and Murad are the new leaders. Sandy has made a new letter, but Sita and Murad are putting together another one and it will be posted on the web site.

Banner: This had been put on hold because of the cost of $80. Several people at the meeting felt it was important enough that they agreed to help pay for it. We need to check with SC about hanging it from the garage.
Liz will contact the LA”s about stenciling a sign on the wall.
We do not have PM’s for the sod or for bench construction.
Children’s Activities: Bonnie Hedman is going to see if the Pacific Science Center and the Children’s Museum would be will to work with us on some projects. She also talked about how in the packet she received from the Department of Neighborhoods they encouraged the children’s involvement in growing food for the food banks. Sita said Bonnie could go ahead and start looking for donations before she approaches these groups so she can assure them that it won’t cost them anything to be involved.

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