Proposal for Gardening Classes 2015

This proposal will be voted on by UpGarden plot holders and active volunteers. Ballots will be available in the toolshed and sent via email on 4/21/2015. Voting ends May 1, 2015.

Proposal for Classes on gardening in our special environment.

Because gardening at the UpGarden is like container gardening, we have special needs and understanding of the principles of roof top gardening. Colin McCrate has a company that specializes in roof top gardening. He and Carey Thornton from Seattle Tilth, taught classes at the UpGarden last year and they were very valuable for many of us and made a difference in the success of our garden. The classes last year were funded by the last of our levy funds from the Department of Neighborhoods. This year we do not have the funds to have all the classes the way we did last year.

After discussion with Colin McCrate and Carey Thornton, it was decided that Colin would teach the two classes by himself this year.

Here are the details:
Class 1 “Rooftop Gardening 101 $260
Class 2 “Troubleshooting and Harvesting $260
Planning Time $ 88
Total $608

We have these funds available in our trust fund.

Proposed by Bonnie Hedman, garden lead

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