Meeting Minutes from October 9, 2013 Operations Meeting

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meeting Attendees: Bonnie, Scott, Marilyn, Anna, Nancy

Raffle Drawing (Bonnie)
Thanks to all of you that purchased raffle tickets! The total raffle funds raised = $78.00 ☺
Raffle Winners:
• $50 QFC Gift Card: John Porta
• Watering Can: Scott Mills (Donated to Common Beds – thanks Scott!)
• UpGarden Hat: Stan
• UpGarden Tote Bag: Amy
• Garden Encyclopedia: Hildi Ko
• UpGarden T-Shirt: Hildi Ko
• $15 Metropolitan Market Gift Card: Brian Knight
• $15 Metropolitan Market Gift Card: Amy
• $15 Metropolitan Market Gift Card: Valerie
• $15 Metropolitan Market Gift Card: Stan
Bonnie will communicate with the raffle winners via email.

UpGarden Updates (Anna)
Upcoming Work Parties:
• Giving Garden - Thursday 10/10 from 9am – 12pm
• Common Beds - Saturday, 10/12
• Giving Garden - Saturday, 10/19 from 9am – 12pm **Pick-up day for plot cover crop and dolomitic lime to treat soil @ 10:30am
• Giving Garden - Sunday 10/20 from 9am – 12pm
Other important reminders:
• Main water shutoff date: October 31, 2013
• Volunteer Hours Reports Due: October 31, 2013
• “Closing Plots” and removing non-organic materials by October 31, 2013

Roundtable (All)
• Common Beds: Bonnie is working diligently on executing the approved Levy-funded plan
• Giving Garden: several work parties planned (above) to winterize and plant for the Winter season
• Soil Amendment Education: Nancy & P-Patch teams are working on scheduling and promoting educational classes about soil amendments; more details coming soon!
• Wood Delivery: Scott picked up wood and other materials for remaining levy-funded projects (remaining ADA bed, small common bed and bee enclosure)
• Greenhouse Lead: Craig volunteered to lead the levy-funded greenhouse project

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