Proposal for Use of Original Funds from Building Grant

The UpGarden leadership submits the following proposal. This proposal will be voted on by UpGarden plot-holders. Voting starts 9/18 and ends 9/28. An email ballot will be sent 9/18 and paper ballots will be in the trailer/toolshed.

Proposal of Use of Original Funds from Building Grant

September 18, 2013

Background: During the last months starting on 6-27-2013 there have been several operational meetings discussing open projects from the original build. After working with Laura from the Department of Neighborhoods, it was decided that we still have $11,000 that needs to be spent. Laura wants us to submit the request as one proposal that has been voted on by our garden. The process that we have established is that a proposal is put before the garden and the vote is open for 10 days. Below, you will find the final worksheet that has been put together. Laura has gone over this worksheet and agrees that it would fall under the original plans and could be approved by the Department of Neighborhoods. This work would be funded from the original grant for our build and would not come out of the trust fund. You will notice that the largest allocation is for soil amendment. Laura is very knowable on this issue and will work closely with the garden to meet our needs. The results of the soil testing that has been done will be used in the planning. Laura is also aware that we cannot finish this work by the October 31st deadline, but if we get started by then, that will fulfill that requirement. Also, this is a one year only project, after that any of this type of work will come out of our trust funds are need to be raised. But the cost after this large project is done should not be as high.

If we do not pass this proposal and submit it to Laura by October 15th, we will lose the money. All the project managers on this proposal have been notified that they will need to at least get started and have a working plan by the time. We need a project lead for the cold frame/green house project. The green house or cold frames can be bought if they fit into the budgeted amount and the ascetics of the garden.

UpGarden Project List

Updated: 9-15-13

Priority Project Name Project Description Project Lead(s) Project Cost
1 Soil Ammendment Ammend UpGarden soil with needed minerals (loamed soil) and other deficient nutrients, based on soil test results and recommendations; 2X per year, one year only Nancy Coe $4,000
2 Cold Frame/Green House NEW cold frame/green house with garden benches for gardeners to grow and protect starts in colder seasons located in one of the original picnic table locations $3,000
3 Compost Bins Coverings & Worm Bins Build compost bin covers for Fall/Winter season to shield compost and support decomposition during cooler months; two composting areas with worm bins Julie Sands $500
4 Fall Balance of Plants for Common Beds Complete the planting of Fall plants in common beds Bonnie Hedman $200
5 Last Raised ADA Bed Create one (last) ADA bed utilizing current lumber; may need additional materials (limited lumber, screws, soil cloth lining) Tom $300
6 Raised Common Bed w/ Pollinators Create one raised common bed near the picnic table area using any leftover materials from the last ADA bed; may require additional Bonnie Hedman $300
7 Bulletin Board & Guest Book Outdoor bulletin board to communicate garden news; part of the original plan; materilas include guest book, paint Scott Mills $200
8 Bees SPRING 2014; Create and manage bee area, per original plan, includes: building bee enclosure, purchasing bees and bee materials Sharon Chan $1,400
9 Spring Gates & Trellis' Plants Plant perenial trellis plants and other filler plants Bonnie Hedman $100
10 Sink Installation Install sink behind the trailer shed for gardener use Scott Mills $200
11 Picnic Tables ONE picinic table for one the picnic areas; two picnic tables per original plan Melissa $800
TOTAL $11,000

This proposal was accepted by a vote.

By Stephanie Krimmel

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