Meeting Notes from July 10 meeting

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July 10, 2013 from 7-8pm – Seattle Center Armory
NEXT OPS MEETING: Wednesday, August 14 from 7-8pm at the Seattle Armory Food Court, NW corner
Everyone welcome!
Thanks to all of the attendees that joined us for the monthly UpGarden Operations Meeting. We covered a lot of material and seek feedback and ideas from all our gardening neighbors, so please read on and contact Mary Sisson ( or Anna Loewin ( with questions.
UpGarden Showcased at the Community Conference Event
The UpGarden is one of four Seattle P-Patches that will be showcased during the American Community Garden Conference in August. On August 10, gardeners from around the country will visit the UpGarden from 10am until 6pm. Here’s how gardeners can help:
1. Clean/tidy your personal plots, cutting back overgrown plants, clearing walkways, pulling and composting old plants, etc
2. Ask the Giving Garden to “Grow a Row” for the community in need. The Giving Garden is seeking more area to grow starts and Fall/Winter crops. Contact if you are interested in donating a row or more of your plot to grow produce.
3. Join the General Clean-Up Work Party on Sunday, August 4 from 9am – 12pm, followed by a gardener potluck. During this work party, we will clear walkways, organize supplies, and tidy up the garden. Bring your favorite dish and beverage, meet your neighbors and collect those volunteer hours!
4. Visit the UpGarden on August 10 anytime from 10am to 6pm and meet guests, showcase your personal garden, work at your garden, answer questions, and simply hang out with your neighbors. **Note: This time does not qualify for volunteer hours unless you are working the Common Beds, Giving Garden, Composting or supporting the event as an official event volunteer.
Additional Conference information:
 Conference Website:
 Conference Volunteer Contact: Eileen Eininger (
 UpGarden Contacts: Mary Sisson ( or Anna Loewin (
Volunteer Hours Reporting
To maintain your plot, each gardener must volunteer at least 8 hours each season (a season is November-November) with at least 4 of those 8 hours completed at the UpGarden. Please keep track of your volunteer hours, whether that is watering the community beds, coming to a work party, building a birdhouse, etc. The general rule is to have 4 hours completed by this time of year, but if you are new or do not have 4 hours completed – don’t panic, we have several upcoming work parties to volunteer at!
The UpGarden Volunteer Hour Reporting Coordinator is Monica Neumann (
Volunteer hours reports can be submitted monthly, but are needed for collection twice per year, July 15 and October 31…and we are days away from the July 15 deadline. Volunteer Hour Reports can be submitted in two ways:
1) Online: complete an online form located on the UpGarden website: and email a completed form to Monica Neumann ( by July 15 and October 31 noting "Volunteer Hours" in the subject line
2) Trailer Paper Log: visit the trailer tool shed by July 15 and write your hours and other information into the Hourly Report Log
To date, 29 gardeners have submitted their first volunteer hour report. If you do not have any hours to report, still email Monica and let her know. Remember that at least 8 hours are required by October 31 to keep your UpGarden plot.
Upcoming Meetings & Work Parties
Earn those volunteer hours at any one (or more) of these upcoming meetings and events!
 Every Sunday & Wednesday until September 25 – Giving Garden Harvesting & Garden Work from 6pm – 7pm (contact:
 Sunday, August 4 – UpGarden Clean-Up and Conference Preparation with Potluck from 9am – 12pm (contacts: or
 Saturday, August 10 – UpGarden Showcased at Community Gardening Conference from 10am – 6pm (contacts: or **Note: This time does not qualify for volunteer hours unless you are working the Common Beds, Giving Garden, Composting or supporting the event as an official event volunteer.
 Wednesday, August 14 – Monthly UpGarden Operations Meeting from 7-8pm at the Seattle Center Armory, NW corner of the Food Court (contact:
 Wednesday, September 11 – Monthly UpGarden Operations Meeting from 7-8pm at the Seattle Center Armory, NW corner of the Food Court (contact:
UpGarden Projects – Do you Have One?
UpGarden leadership is seeking updates on currently funded projects and proposals for new funded projects at the Garden. This information will help us budget for current and future projects. What do we need at the UpGarden that will require Garden funding? Share your projects with us and we may help in making your project become a reality. At tonight’s meeting, we reviewed the following old, current and proposed projects, summarized below:

Please See pdf for chart (link above)

If you have an idea for a new project that required funding – please let us know! Submit your proposal to Mary Sisson by August 1, 2013.
In any project email to Mary (whether an update, new project proposal, etc), please include the following information:
 Your Name(s) as the Project Lead(s)
 Project Name
 Brief Description of Project
 Time to Complete or When Completed (if finished)
 Estimated Total Budget or Final Total Cost (if known)
We will share current project needs and new proposals in August and will reach out to UpGardeners for feedback, help in prioritization and voting (when required by Garden Bylaws).
Contact Mary Sisson ( with questions, proposal submissions, current project updates, etc. by August 1, 2013.
General Garden Needs
How are you feeling about the UpGarden and your garden? Are there any tools or needs that we should know about? Please let us know!
At today’s meeting, we talked about a few garden needs that may be easy to fix, not requiring a formal project proposal and funding (like above). Here was our initial list:
 More garden hoses (UPDATE: garden hoses purchased and will be hooked up by July 15)
 More center/wall garden water keys (UPDATE: keys purchased and available in the drawers by July 19)
 Share soil test results (UPDATE: samples submitted and will be reported to all gardeners by early-August)
 Fertilizer for soil (UPDATE: more direction once soil tests received in August)
 Giving Garden Fall & Winter plant starts
 Irrigation system training
 Garden orientation or re-orientation
 Cold weather coverings
Please email Mary Sisson ( with some of your ideas and garden needs.

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