Volunteer Hours

Updated December 2017

To maintain your plot, each gardener must volunteer at least 8 hours each year. Hours are tallied from November 1 - October 31. Please keep track of your volunteer hours, whether that is watering the community beds, coming to a workparty, or building a birdhouse.

Email your hours to upgardenvolunteerhours@gmail.com.

Do you mean 8 hours must be volunteered annually? Because when you say season I'm thinking (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). The City of Seattle website says it's 8 hours per year.

"Care for your plot and pathways year-round and contribute 8 hours for the whole garden (not inside your plot) each year, four of those hours must be at your garden..."

I'll probably do more than 8 hours; but I just want to clarify what you mean by "season."

By bevfilm

I just got confirmation that the "Season" is November-November -- and that any hours recorded before plot assignment in 2012 WILL count.

By Stephanie Krimmel
janeylyn's picture

Hi there - I might have misunderstood this but I attended the 5/10 "Keeping it Watered" class at the Upgarden. Do those classes count for Volunteer Hours? I thought I understood that the time DID count but in all of the emails and on the website, I can't seem to validate that. Thanks for any clarifications.

By janeylyn

Hi Janeylyn, this is a good question! I'd suggest you ask Bonnie (her email address can be found in our weekly emails) and reply back here what you find out!

By Stephanie Krimmel

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